Good Charlotte -Little Things Chord

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Intro: C, G, F G#

Yeah, this song is dedicated,
To every kid who'd never been picked last on gym class
T every kid who never had a date to no school dance
To every one who'd ever been called a freak
This is for you, here we, here we goooo!


Verse: C, G, F, G#

Like the time in school when we got free lunch
and the cool kids beat us up (reduced lunch)
And the rich kids had convertibles
and we had to ride the bus (55)
Like the time we made the baseball team
but they still laughes at us (you still sucks!)
Like the time that girl broke up with me
'cause I wasn't cool enough (trick!)


Chorus: C, G, F, G#

The little things, little things
they always hang around
The little things, little things,
they try to break me down
The little things, little things
they just won't go away
The little things, little things
made me who I am today

Bridge: F, G#

You wanna hate me now,
but I won't stop now
'cause I can't stop now

F, F#, G, G#


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